The beauty of simplicity



Grilled cauliflower, onion, wasabi, spruce, bergamot

23 (L)

Light cream of spinach and smoked bacon, pumpkin, lemon verbena

28 (L)

Gruyère and Raclette cheese balls, truffle sauce, 24 months Parmigiano Reggiano
     34 (G)(L)

Scallops, jerusalem artichokes, spruce tips, beef consomme

45 (L)

Cod brandad croquettes, basil and saffron dip

30 (G)(L)

Calamari, whey, dashi, grilled leek, wild garlic

36 (L)

Tartare of local cured deer, grilled sourdough, celery, chilli

46 (G)

Goats cheese, truffle, beetroot, lavender, honey

28 (L)

Rabbit and duck liver pate, horseradish, forest picles, marjoram

30 (G)(L)



Egg yolk ravioli, jerusalem artichokes, mushroom duxelle, forest pickles, wild herbs

68 (G)(L)

Fermented mushroom and pearl barley risotto, grilled cabbage, Parmigiano-Reggiano fondue, truffle

76 (L)

Arctic char, oyster beurre blanc, trout roe, fermented cabbage, spinach, pear

96 (L)

Prologue „Fish & chips”, seabass, triple cooked chips, jalapeño tartar sauce, pea, capers

84 (L)

Barbecue glazed smoked pork belly, quince, pineapple, sourdough broth
68 (G)(L)

Wagyu beef flat iron steak, triple cooked chips, mushroom ketchup, hollandaise sauce,

Prologue kimchi

115 (L)

Dry aged veal schnitzel, red cabbage, pumpkin, onion and anchovy marmalade

91 (G)(L)

Turkey breast, baked apple, onion and black pudding, port jus

67 (G)(L)





All meats used in creation of our menu are fresh, NOT THAWED






Prologue kimchi  


Ratte potato pureé    

8 (L)(G)

Homemade chips, mushroom ketchup  

15 (L)




Chocolate fondant, rhubarb, apple and parsley sorbet

33 (L)

Gooseberry crumble, lovage ice cream

28 (G)(L)

Baked vanilla cheesecake, greengage, mirabelle plums

31 (G)(L)

Crispy roll, white chocolate mousse, bay leaf

8 (G)(L)


For groups of 5 guests or more 10% service charge will be added to the bill.

During the peak hours i.e. between 7pm -10pm waiting time can extend to 45 minutes.

We cook for you using fresh NOT THAWED ingredients only therefore the menu can change slightly depending on the products availability.


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